Star Trek Into Darkness gets new trailer and secret poster

Well, this is exciting. We’ve spent the last half an hour excitedly watching and rewatching the (fantastic) new trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness, and then when we were preparing this article something very interesting happened. More on that later; for now, the new trailer – featuring a near-overdose of Benedict Cumberbatch and a surprising superfluity of 1980s Robocop Peter Weller – is below.
“I am better.” “At what?” “EVERYTHING.” You give us chills, Benny.

BOOM! Things seem to be progressing very promisingly on the Enterprise, unless that’s what we just saw crashing into a city at the end. Also, as Empire definitely noticed, Alice Eve gets her kit off! We were planning an image along the lines of the one above which highlighted how radically gratuitous her underwear shot was, when we noticed something…

JJ Abrams knows what he’s doing – Alice Eve’s tits weren’t just gratuitous interstellar sexism, they were gratuitous interstellar sexist DISTRACTIONS! We followed the link, and it took us to this beautiful new poster (click to enlarge):

Marvellous stuff. The clever folks at TrekMovie have got the scoop on how there are actually different links hidden in the various international trailers, each going to a translated version of the poster above.

With fewer than two months to go until Star Trek Into Darkness arrives on our screens, it’s quite possible that this will be our last proper sneak peek at the film. Who’s excited?

Star Trek Into Darkness is out on May 9th.

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