Star Trek Into Darkness reveals Alice Eve’s role

Star Trek Into Darkness is currently doing an excellent job of shrouding its many mysteries from public sight. So far, most of the focus has fallen on trying to work out which past Star Trek baddie Benedict Cumberbatch might be playing. However, also kept under wraps until now has been the character identity of actress Alice Eve, who has actually been on board with the film since pre-Cumberbatchian times (if there was even existence pre-Cumberbatch). Recently Bad Robot Productions nonchalantly dropped into the movie ether that Alice Eve will be playing Federation scientist Dr Carol Marcus. For real Star Trek fans this announcement will be setting off all kinds of bells, whistles, alarms and buzzers – Marcus is an established character in the Trek universe, a founding member of Project Genesis, and the mother of James T Kirk’s only son. OOOOHHHH, SEXY TIME FOR CHRIS PINE!!

This latest Star Trek revelation has only sparked more debate concerning the Trek origins of Benedict Bandersnatch’s baddie. The Genesis Device, developed by Marcus, is a tool that can be used to make uninhabitable planets sustain human life. It appears in the original Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, when Khan raids Marcus’ Project Genesis research station in search of the device. These parallels between JJ AbramsStar Trek sequel and The Wrath of Khan adds credence to fan theories that Benedict Mumblecatch is playing the eponymous villian, Khan, despite the time difference in the Star Trek universe between Khan’s encounter with Marcus and the beginnings of her relationship with Kirk.

However, further spanners have been thrown into the works with the release of an official still from the Star Trek set (click to enlarge):

Whilst the picture fails to give much away, the caption not shown here labels Womblepatch’s baddie, John Harrison. Knowing Abrams’ penchant for misleading finickety film prophets, it is possible that this is a red-herring pseudonym designed to confuse us even further. Co-star Karl Urban, who plays Bones in both Star Trek movies, adds fuel to this swirling torrent of confusion by slipping into an interview the claim that Benedict Fumblehatch will make an exemplary Gary Mitchell. This ex-Starfleet good-guy-turned-bad-guy seems to fit the images released of Crumblesnatch in what appears to be a Starfleet uniform, however, screenwriter Robert Orci explicitly stated that Gary Mitchell would NOT be appearing in this movie. WHAT IS GOING ON, STAR TREK TEAM, WHY MUST YOU TEASE AND EXCITE US SO?!

We welcome with open arms any crackpot theories concerning the origins of Cumberbatch’s baddie. Khan? Gary Mitchell? A Klingon after a facial? Post ideas below.

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