Stephen Fry’s back. Obviously.

Following the news that Stephen Fry had spectacularly broken down and disappeared from public life after a rather ill-advised article gave his National Treasure status a bashing, it’s been a funny old week on Twitter. Nobody’s known quite what to say – it’s a bit like the time my Year 11 English class successfully gave a much-loved but essentially mental teacher a nervous breakdown and they ran out in tears.

Happily, all the awkwardness has now been brushed under the fail whale – Stephen’s back, and he’s been blogging in his usual charming way – a way, we might add, which is singularly inconsistent with the blogging you might expect of the sort of chap who thinks women are asexual twisters who treat their vaginas as bear traps for ensnaring men and thereby assuring themselves of comfort, security and babies for the foreseeable future.

Welcome back, Mr Fry.

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