Steven Moffat clarifies Doctor Who movie rumours

Doctor Who’s lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat has taken to Twitter to reassure fans concerned that the Doctor’s planned trip to the big screen would be in the form of a turgid Hollywood reboot.

The much-awarded BBC kingpin, who is also jointly responsible for the frankly matchless Sherlock, told Twitter this morning that:

Well, that’s a relief. Commenting on planned director David Yates’ rather loose-lipped comments at the BAFTA Los Angeles awards earlier this week, Moffat went on to say:

…and breathe. Whilst reassuring, this does rather take the edge off our brilliant blog about the actors who should take over as the Doctor; still, no harm in rereading it, is there? Glad you agree.

How much do you want Steve Kloves to not be involved? Write down exactly how much on a piece of paper, wrap it around some dog mess, light it and put it through his letterbox immediately.

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