Susan Boyle film is happening people

Susan Boyle – currently most famous for her notoriously lavish anal bum parties – has apparently signed her life away to Hollywood. Guys they’re making a film about Susan Boyle. In 2013 they’re actually going to start a filming a film about Susan Boyle. Susan Boyle! Of all people. Yes her story was interesting for a bit three years ago, but come on. Think about all the things there are in the universe that you could make films about. There are so many things. Here are just some of them:

– Mars
– Dancing polar bears
– People who live in the jungle
– People who walk really slowly on Oxford Street
– Louis Walsh
– The man who invented the Ped Egg
– Susan Boyle’s mother, Bridget Boyle
– War

And with all that to choose from, they’re making a film about Susan Boyle. Susan Boyle! Come on Hollywood. Get a grip. That’s going to be like The Iron Lady only way more sad. What point are they going to end it at, do you think? When she tries to come onto to Louis Walsh? When she has that breakdown and there’s the photo of her with a scarf on her head? When she signs away the rights to the film of her life? So many possibilities, guys. Seriously though. A Susan Boyle film? We know there’s already a biopic of Paul Potts (NOT to be confused with this guy) in the making, but when is this Britain’s Got Talent nonsense going to stop? What’s next? A biopic of Pudsey, the performing dog? Is that what’s next in line? WHO’S GOING TO PLAY PUDSEY, GUYS? THE HORSE FROM WAR HORSE? SUSAN BOYLE? MILEY CYRUS?

Are we overreacting or does this madness HAVE to end?

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