Taylor Lautner joins the Grown Ups 2 Cast

So, remember how nothing could have made Grown Ups worse? It featured all the terrible people who used to be good but now are terrible, the story was lazy and stunted, the characters non-existent and no-one in the world enjoyed it. Remember that? Remember how that wouldn’t stop Adam Sandler (we hate you Adam Sandler) from bloody well producing a sequel anyway? Yeah. Well now Taylor Lautner is going to be in that sequel. If more than 6 people go and watch this, we’re blowing up the internet.

Yep, according to THR the Twilight man-box is set to appear in the Happy Madison horror, though he wont take a starring role, because that would mean that Adam Sandler wouldn’t get to make out with quite so many infeasibly attractive 20 year-olds. Instead, he’ll be playing “a key, ‘fun’ role, in which he goes toe-to-toe with Sandler.” Great. Cos Lautner is known for his witty repartee; hell, it’s why Abduction was so great.

Can you think of worse news? Can you promise us right here and now that you’re NOT GOING TO GO AND PAY MONEY TO WATCH GROWN UPS 2?

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