Terminator 5 picked up by Paramount

Terminator 5, an ill-advised sequel to all the other ill-advised sequels, has been picked up by Paramount, and could begin filming next year. With Arnold Schwarzenegger still interested in returning to the role of, uh, The Terminator, they’d better get moving – he’s not looking as plastic and robotic as he once was. Now he just looks like a melted candle slathered in botox, and no one’s going to be afraid of that. Well, certainly not John Connor at any rate.

You may remember a while ago that the super-rich Ellison siblings were trying to reboot the Terminator franchise under a collaboration of Skydance and Annapurna Pictures. Alas, it has not come to pass, and Paramount is moving ahead with a much less risky project. The rights to The Terminator franchise will revert back to James Cameron when it turns 35 in 2019, so one imagines that they’ll try to crank out as many new iterations of The Terminator as they can before someone with actual talent gets a hold of his own films again. Oh Hollywood, YOU SO CRAZY.

In Terminator: Salvation, the visage of Arnold Schwarzenegger was present of course, but they used a creepy young CGI version of him that actually worked out rather well. Even if Arnie’s schedule doesn’t work out for Terminator 5, at least they have that to fall back upon.

Expect to see all the Terminator-relevant news as we hear it, unless Skynet (or the NSA) decides that we’re no longer needed to spread the good word.

Do we really need another Terminator film? Would you be happier with a reboot of The Terminator, or is Arnie the only man for the job?

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