The Avengers immortalise Agent Coulson in plastic

The Avengers sequel has been set for 2015, which is like 2 years away. That sucks. To tide you over Hot Toys have been creating dolls (THEY’RE ACTION FIGURES, MUM!) of the entire cast of The Avengers. Their latest foray into rendering a full human being into something children under 3 could choke on is Agent Coulson. Clark Gregg must be beside himself with joy. Behold The Avengers S.H.I.E.L.D agent in all his immovable glory!

It’s kind of scary how close to Clark Gregg this thing looks. As Hot Toys describes it: “Movie-accurate facial features with detailed wrinkles and skin texture”. It sounds a little obscene.

Click to embiggen:

Of course, any figurine from The Avengers can’t come to the battle unequipped. To fight the forces of Loki and his… bug-people army (weren’t they in Attack of the Clones?), Agent Coulson is equipped with a walkie-talkie, interchangable hands (relaxed or ‘grasping’), a S.H.I.E.L.D. folder, sunglasses, a itty-bitty cutsie-wootsie tie (IT’S SO CUTE), a mobile phone, a Bluetooth head-set, tiny little socks and a stack of Captain America playing cards (decorative blood included).

Oh yeah, did we mention that this particular model from The Avengers comes with a BIG FUCKING GUN!?

That thing could take down anything! Agent Coulson must be invincible now!


Cobie Smulders hasn’t got an action figure yet, probably because perverts like us would buy it. Oh well, there’s always the Black Widow action figure…

What heroes from The Avengers would you purchase and play with?

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