The Big Lebowski themed restaurant in Iceland is real

The Big Lebowski, by the Coen brothers, is one of the finest films ever made. If you are a fan of Jeff Bridges, The Big Lebowski, The Dude, driving around, bowling or having acid-flashbacks (that sentence will only make sense if you’ve actually seen The Big Lebowski) then you will definitely be interested in the Lebowski Bar in Reykjavik, Iceland.

As you are welcomed by the staff (all wearing army uniforms), you’ll see the four separate areas of the Lebowski Bar, all inspired by areas in The Big Lebowski; The Bowling Alley (although it has no actual bowling), the American Porch (where you can just sit down and enjoy a drink) the Diner (you can order a nice In-And-Out Burger. Those are good burgers, Walter), and the Treehorn Lounge (it’s not clear whether it features any interactive erotic software, though).

The house drink is obviously White Russian.

The owners Arnar and Oli had been nursing their dream of  The Big Lebowski-themed bar for a while, but it took them 8 years to make their dream come to life. Thank God they did. We can all feel a little better knowing that the Lebowski bar exists, even if it is over a thousand miles away. At least we now have The Big Lebowski Mecca to visit, one day. Even the nihilists are excited.

We would give the Lebowski bar 5 out of 5 stars, seeing as we’re obsessed with The Big Lebowski but we stepped over the line and John Goodman is staring daggers at us.

Nihilists! Fuck me. I mean, say what you like about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it’s an ethos.

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