The Expendables 3 gets a director

Sylvester Stallone has been all up and through Twitter gushing about the director he’s found for The Expendables 3. The veteran action star revealed that Aussie director Patrick Hughes will be taking over from John Woo, who is currently working in China and will be unable to shoot the third film.

Stallone tweeted*: “Found an exciting director…Things sometimes happen for a Reason…Okay? Love John Woo but he is working in China- EX3 Needs freshness, class, and much badass…. Found it…Blood Sweat and Fears, coming soon.. The director is an Aussie…..” he then cited one of Hughes’ earlier films called Red Hill, noting how similar the shooting time and budget were to Rocky and hailing the similarity as a “good omen”.

The actor added: “Hey, Everyone should go look at Patrick Hughes short film on U-Tube It is called SIGNS. It will move you in a GOOD WAY. You will LOVE it!” The Expendables has become quite the action franchise since the first film dropped in 2010, bringing together some of the most legendary action film stars ever including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris and Bruce Willis.

Rumours have been constantly circulating as to who Stallone has managed to talk into losing some of their
dignity in The Expendables 3, including Jackie Chan and Nicholas Cage. Both would be amazing additions of course.

*all spelling mistakes Stallone’s own

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