The Expendables massacres box office competition

The Expendables, Sylvester Stallone’s hopelessly bloated explosion-fest, has ruthlessly gunned down its box office competitors before growling a manly put-down from the safety of the US #1 spot.

After a stellar opening weekend of $35m, the bloody epic is now pushing grosses of $65m with UK receipts likely to add tens of millions more as action fans flock to see home-grown talent Jason Statham and *sigh* Gary ‘The Brit’ Daniels.

Twilight spoof Vampires Suck was held in second place, but performed substantially better than similar projects Dance Flick, Disaster Movie and Superhero Movie. Several new releases practically failed to chart, with Jennifer Aniston’s latest offering The Switch notably taking only a shred over $8m (from an audience composed of >80% couples – we feel your pain, chaps). With rumours of an Expendables sequel on the horizon, let’s hope that next week produces a major shift on the leaderboard before Sly gets so self-impressed his testicles actually explode…

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