The Gravity spin-off short is the best thing ever

So, most of us have seen Gravity now, right? WELL. Have you seen the Gravity short film spin-off that just so happened to be shot and directed by Jonas Cuarón, son of Gravity director Alfonso Cuarón? If you haven’t, you must. It’s flawless. Faultless. It shows the other side of Sandra Bullock’s character’s distress call from space; a conversation that was lost in translation but was nevertheless eerily tense, sad, hopeful, desperate, ACE.

Here, watch it before you go any further.

Without giving much away (because you really, really need to see it) the 7-minute short film, entitled Aningaaq, follows an Inuit fisherman who receives Bullock’s call on a remote fjord in Greenland. We get the barking dog and the screaming baby – both plot points which could have been added in just because they needed to be added in, but it works. It totally works. The film stands on its own, without you having to watch Gravity in the first place (watch it), which is bang on what Jonas wanted to achieve. In his own words: “I was careful to make it a piece that could stand on its own.” Et voila.

The short was initially co-written by father and son for Warner Bros as a companion piece to Daddy Cuarón’s Gravity. The Cuaróns were hoping to feature the short on the extras for the Gravity Blu-ray, but the 7-minute short, through various festival screenings, has been brought to the attention of the Academy Awards bosses because IT ROCKS.

We should probably tell you stuff like how this short is now a serious contender for an Oscar nomination and how Jonas got the idea for the film’s plot on a two-week trip in Greenland, having met local dwellers and picking up on their astounding attachment to their sled dogs, but, really, all you need to know is that if you’re still reading this rather than watching the short you are WASTING VALUABLE TIME. Watch it.

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