The New A Team Has Arrived!

Joe Carnahan has released posters of the new A Team. At last we have the chance to see who will be playing Murdoch, Mr T and all your other favourite A Team members. The posters look amazing, but fear not you A Team traditionalists – there is even talk of the original A Team members having cameo appearances in the new A Team movie.

The New A Team Movie

The word on the street is that Dwight Schultz (the original Murdoch) and Dirk Benedict (Face) both will appear in the new film. But what about Mr T we hear you all cry? We’ve all seen the Snickers Mr T commercial but we here at Best for Film are dying to see him back on the big screen. Well, apparently Joe Carnahan and Mr T have been getting quite chummy recently. He said, “We had lunch just last week. I don’t know that [his involvement] is completely out of the park. I showed him a bunch of stuff and he loved it. I guess the thing is, do we have time to do it in the time we have left? Or do we want to save him for a bigger thing, should we do another film?” So there you have it folks. But considering Mr T lives in California and the new A Team movie is being filmed in Canada, will he have time to drive there? We all know he ain’t going to be getting on no plane, fool!

What do you think of the new A Team members? Let us know below…

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