The Thing poster released

There are two ways to look at the new The Thing poster – either the film’s creative team have purposefully produced a visual reference to the original 1982 version in homage to the origin of their story. Or they have just copied it. We can’t really decide, but it looks pretty cool, right?



The Thing poster 2011

The Thing poster 1982

The new film is a prequel and the events take place three days before the original John Carpenter movie. In the 1982 film a copycat extraterrestrial lifeform infiltrates a research centre in the Antarctic and begins to take shape of the staff there, upon discovering this paranoia soon sets in amongst the scientists and all kinds of hell breaks loose. The original was known for its innovative and gruesome special effects, so we’re looking forward to seeing what director Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. is going to come up with for The Thing reboot.

Please let this one be scary. Please let this one be scary. Please let this one be scary.

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