The Wolverine debuts spoiler-heavy trailer

The first trailer for The Wolverine has FINALLY landed, bringing with it lots of harrowed facial expressions from Hugh Jackman and one almighty spoilerific cameo. But it’s only going to be a problem if a) you like to go into your films completely untainted by trailer expectations or b) care a lot a lot a LOT about the events of X-Men: The Last Stand.

You’ve been warned.

First things first, The Wolverine trailer shows our protagonist in the midst of an identity crisis – a little bit like Tony Stark in Iron Man 3. Our first clue of this is when someone innocently remarks: “It’s an honor to meet the Wolverine” and receives a growling “That’s not who I am anymore” in response.

So, Logan, who exactly are you? Is this to do with the fact you fell in love, watched the woman of your dreams DIE HORRIBLY and then lost all your memories? And is the fact that you can’t die – ever – getting you down a little bit? We guess it makes sense that Wolverine is trying to run away from everyone – including himself – but we have a feeling that his newfound sense of isolation isn’t going to last all that long.

In fact, judging from all of those surgical masks and peeople waving guns about, we’d go so far as to suggest that Logan’s adamantium claws have made him the number one target for a (probably) evil organisation. Apparently one based on the ancient art of the Samurai – maybe director James Mangold was inspired by the action sequences of Batman Begins, eh? Even more intriguingly, it seems as if all that muttering about eternity being a curse may have seen Logan stripped of his healing powers and reduced to mere mortality again, just in time for an almighty gun-toting battle.

Check it out:

Okay, let’s talk about that ever-so-brief appearance from Jean Grey. Is she a flashback? Is she a dream? Is she simply an artistic method to help emphasise just how lonely our Wolverine really is? Or, just maybe, is she gearing up for a return to the X-Men franchise?

We don’t know. We just don’t know. All we DO know is that we can’t wait to see The Wolverine when it hits UK cinemas on July 25. If only to give us some clue of what to expect from upcomign superhero flick X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Will you be going to see The Wolverine in cinemas this summer?

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