There is no updated Dark Knight Rises prologue

Yesterday we passed on a rumour started by Collider that Warner Bros had issued an updated version of Nolan’s Dark Knight Rises prologue – yeah, it turns out it’s a lie. Fans of baffling dialogue rejoice!

Warner Bros have firmly told the world once and for all that Chris Nolan has no intention of messing with the original audio of the prologue – meaning that we’re stuck with Bane as he is, for better or for worse. Kudos to Nolan for standing by his vision, sort of, but boo-snakes for all those (including us) who could make neither hide nor bald head of what he was going on about.

On the bright side, when it came to the trailer he was, at least, a little more audible. Possibly because there wasn’t a plane tumbling to the ground around him at the time. Possibly because he wasn’t drunk – who can say? The point is, we’re stuck with what we’ve got. Mrph.

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