Thor 2: now this is happening

A vaguely successful superhero flick you say? QUICK, WRITE SEVENTEEN MORE FILMS FOR HIM, WRITE THEM BEFORE EVERYONE REALISES IT’S A BIT DULL QUICK QUICK. Anyway. Thor is getting a sequel.

To be fair to the axe-wielding, hair-tangling, Natalie-Portman-ruining Asguardian, his adventures in Thor were far superior to that of the dismal Green Lantern. Yes the plot was a bit silly, and Portman looked like she didn’t know what she was doing there, but heck, it was quite funny, and there’s no denying that that really was a massive, massive hammer. And considering it ended up grabbing $437m world-wide, that’s reason enough for Marvel to greenlight another jaunt.

Kenneth Branagh has already said he won’t be directing, though he’ll stick around in a producing capacity (yeah yeah, it’s all about the cast party for you, isn’t it Ken?) so the slot is now OPEN for another director to put his stamp on the franchise. Anyone in particular you’d like to see in the hot seat? We’ve got till July of 2013 to ponder, so get your orders in now…

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