Tom Cruise News: Cruise declares war on London

Tom Cruise was spotted hanging around an empty Trafalgar Square on Sunday morning, when filming for All You Need Is Kill took advantage of an empty and forsaken London. In the typical crazy Xenu-hating couching-jumping fashion, the scene included an RAF helicopter and Tom Cruise dressed in his costume from Valkyrie. There really isn’t much else to be said, other than “that’s pretty odd”.

Here are the unsarcasticated photos. As ever, click to embiggen:

There you have it. Tom Cruise is looking like an angry little toy-soldier on the set of Doug Liman‘s All You Need Is Kill, the storyline for which is as schizophrenic as its star. That being said, we’re really rather excited to see Tom Cruise in a giant mech, killing aliens and crushing unassuming Londoners with his metallic claws. It’s all very… what’s the word? Erotic? Yes, erotic, that’ll do nicely.

Tom Cruise and All You Need To Kill will be smashing its way out of your sanity and into your hearts in March 2012.

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