Two new clips from Lawless showcase Tom Hardy and Guy Pearce

it’s been nearly a month since we got a sneak peek at John Hillcoat’s Lawless – a tale of bootlegging moonshine in the ol’ West – and it’s safe to say our appetites were well and truly whet. Mainly for horrible, illegal alcohol, but also the film, probably. Anyway, two more clips of been released, and it just looks bloomin great.

Tom Hardy is on gloriously gravelly form as Forrest Bondurant, one half of the infamous Bondurant brothers who made a fortune selling alcohol during the great Virginia depression. Here to stop him is a wonderfully disarming special agent (Guy Pearce), and bringing down the family name is his brother Jack Bondurant (Shia LaBeouf – WE BELIEVE IN YOU SHIA). Enjoy:

[swfobj src=”” width=”512″ height=”288″ allowFullScreen=”true”]

It’s a cast groaning with talent: as well as Hardy as LeBeouf you’ve got your Gary Oldman, your Jessica Chastain, your Mia Wasikowska and your Noah Taylor. We’ve still not got a UK release date locked down, but considering it’s causing all kinds of stirs at Cannes right now, it can’t be far behind…

Isn’t it nice when we can understand what Tom Hardy is saying? Tell us about it below…

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