Warner Bros settles Hangover tattoo wrangle

Remember that silly kerfuffle over the Mike Tyson-inspired tattoo which adorns Ed Helms’ unfortunate character throughout most of The Hangover: Part II? Well, it turns out Warner Bros have taken the same attitude which served them so well with the Matrix sequels: throw money at the problem until Laurence Fishburne surrenders his dignity forever the problem goes away.

Tattoo artist S. Victor Whitmill, who claims to own the rights to the distinctive facial tattoo he designed and carved into Mike Tyson’s horrible face, tried unsuccessfully to block the distribution of The Hangover: Part II on the basis of alleged copyright infringement. Warner Bros’ last offer appeared to be that they would change the design of the tattoo in time for the film’s DVD release, but the case has now been “amicably resolved” and the tattoo will stay in the film permanently. Well played, Wakko…

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