Wife vs. Ninja – New face-off film from Dreamworks

Wife vs. Ninja is the story of a suburban housewife whose husband, a scientist, leaves her for a beautiful young intern. After discovering that the intern is, in fact, a ninja assassin out to steal her husband’s work, she embarks on a mission to expose the ninja bitch, get rid of her, and then proceed to get her own back on her lying, cheating husband. You’d think she’d just let this ninja assassin do her work and screw him over (not just in the good way), but this wife means business.

Dreamworks collaboration with producer Michael Besman (Seven Years in Tibet) who thought up the plot, will also mark the script-writing debut of Michael Zam and Jaffe Cohen. Whether the film will make the infamous face-off list of classics alongside the likes of Alien vs. Predator, Superman vs. Batman, Travolta vs. Cage is debatable, but we anticipate that there will be a few cheap laughs to be had anyway.

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