WikiLeaks: The Movie?

To be honest, we’re actually surprised this hasn’t happened sooner. The Hollywood Reporter has announced that the film rights to the upcoming biography of Julian Assage have been sold. The book, entitled The Most Dangerous Man In The World, charts Assange’s rise to fame after he set up WikiLeaks – the whistleblowing website that publishes classified material.

The notoriety of the website (active since 2006) shot up in November, when it published 25,000 secret US cables, causing the US Goverment to do what in the industry is known as a massive fear-poo. The documents leaked not only concerned America’s involvement in the Iraq war, but also revealed details of toxic waste dumping in Africa and Guantánamo Bay procedures, as well as putting the contents of Church of Scientology manuals online. As if his “gonna take on the world” philosophy wasn’t enough for a Hollywood write-up, Assange is also wanted by Swedish authorities over sexual allegations made by two women- come on, it’s essentially a Bond script, only with significantly less charm and potential jail-time.

The producers, Barry Josephson and Michelle Krumm say they are planning a “suspenseful drama” along the lines of All The President’s Men – but they’d better be careful. If the recent adaptations of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo et al have taught us anything, its that there isn’t much sexy-action in watching people upload exciting documents to a computer screen…

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