Will Gary Ross take on Houdini biopic?

Following the (probably actually rather wise) decision that he won’t be returning to direct The Hunger Games 2: Fucking Really Hungry Now, the world has been wondering what exactly Gary Ross will be filling his time with. Well, it looks like he might be circling a biopic of some bloke called Harry Houdini – who was apparently big on the escaping scene back in the day. This is good, we think. This might genuinely constitute good news.

According to THR, Ross is in negotiations with Summit Entertainment to helm a rather ambitious film based on a book by William Kalush and Larry Sloman. The Secret Life of Houdini, The Making of America’s First Superhero suggests that as well as being the kind of bloke who can spend a hour hours kicking back in a tank, in some chains with dynamite in his cheeks, Harry Houdini was also a MOTHER BLUFFING SPY. Let’s just assume that’s true. That’s too good a fact not to be true.

Thing is, there’s probably not much point in getting excited for this for a goodly while. Ross isn’t exactly known for knocking out films whenever he feels like it – before Hunger Games his last film was Sea Biscuit in 2003 and before that it was Pleasantville back in 1998. But dammit, the man takes his time. There’s nothing wrong with not doing All The Films Forever, eh Nic?

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