X-Men: First Class gets new trailer

We really wish X-Men: First Class would stop doing this. They sick up some dreadful posters, then placate us with a blastingly good trailer, then sick up SOME MORE RUBBISH POSTERS and low and behold, the apologetic, shouty-music trailer. Though, we have to begrudgingly admit, we fall for it every time. YAY A NEW TRAILER!

How can we stay mad at it when it’s just so god-damn exciting?

So, a smouldering Fassbender, beautifully articulate James McAvoy, a rather pained looking Nicholas Hoult, lots of mind-bending submarine action and loads of stuff of fire. Apart from the vague, creeping fear that it looks a bit like an episode of Garth Merenghi’s Dark Place, (screamy child?) there’s not much we can complain about. Alright, Matthew Vaughn, you win this round…

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