YET ANOTHER French thriller remade by the Americans

When will they just have some ideas of their own? Dreamworks, one of a number of American studios that seems to employ full-time staff devoted to stealing the plots of French thrillers, has announced that it’s going to remake (and ruin) another one.

La Proie (The Prey), directed by Eric Valette, starred Albert Dupontel as a small-time crook who must break out of prison to save his family from his sadistic former cellmate.

We’re going to go out on a limb and call Sam Worthington as the lead – he’s exactly the sort of slightly gruff, extremely boring actor that plays well in this sort of flick, plus Dreamworks owe him since that Allan Quatermain film never happened. To be honest, though, The Prey doesn’t really sound like it was much cop in French either. If you must adapt a mad French film, Dreamworks, why not go for Prey instead of The Prey? It came out a year earlier and it’s about massive boars killing everyone.

Oh god, isn’t Hollywood depressing?

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