Zack Snyder talks up the most famous man to wear tights

In Zack Snyder’s latest interview about his Superman project, he told the LA Times’ Hero Complex blog that the new film will not be reliant on the past cinema incarnations of the Man of Steel. The director said that his approach is to “respect the canon but don’t be a slave to the movies”.

Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns paid emphatic homage to the hero’s past incarnations, with the archived Marlon Brando scenes, the iconic costume and John Williams’ music, and was not necessarily the better for it. Snyder wants to create a very different animal, inspired by Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins, which, although respecting what has gone before, makes no reference to it.

We still know very little about the details of Snyder’s film; Henry Cavill will soar through the air as the titular superhero, with Diane Lane as his adoptive mother Martha. Rumours have bandied around other names, including Viggo Mortenson, Kevin Costner, Alice Eve, Rosamund Pike and Diane Kruger, but no one has been confirmed. Snyder plans to release pictures of the new hero’s costume soon – to pre-empt leaks – but otherwise is keeping quiet on plot developments etc. So sorry fanboys, you’ll just have to be patient.

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