Night at the Museum 2

Presumably, you only went along to the first Night at the Museum for a way to keep the kids quiet for a couple of hours during the school holidays. You weren’t expecting a work of cinematic genius, or even something that wasn’t going to make you want to poke your eyes out within the first five minutes. Because of the above-average comedic cast, though, and perhaps the creative charm of the effects at certain moments, like when the T-Rex skeleton comes vibrantly to life, you might have found yourself pleasantly surprised. Maybe even entertained. Don’t expect the same from the sequel.

The Same, But Worse

Even mildly amusing moments in this stinker are few and far between. The attempt at a plot is muddled and nonsensical (I won’t even waste your time), the effects have a seen-it-all before feel to them and the slapstick humour is beyond inane. It’s a mark of the seriousness of the global financial crisis that Ben Stiller even showed up for this film. He certainly doesn’t look particularly enthusiastic about being there.

The only bright spot on the horizon is the always enjoyable Amy Adams. She actually manages to briefly light up the screen as an irrepressibly enthusiastic incarnation of Amelia Earhart, spouting out Katharine Hepburn-esque 30’s slang like “flyboy” and “skeddaddle” with earnest glee. Also mildly amusing is Hank Azaria, that king of the comic lisp (cf America’s Sweethearts), as an evil Egyptian pharaoh. But that’s about where the pitiful amounts of entertainment end.

The Verdict: Shame

This plotless, shamelessly commercial celebrity cash-in will have adults praying for death, and surely you’ve got to give your kids more credit than thinking they’ll swallow it either. There are plenty of other great Christmas holiday entertainers out there for the younger age group, so if you’ve got any kind of sense, don’t do it to yourself or them.

Special Features

Limited edition ‘Monkey Mischief’ double DVD features:
Gag Reel
6 Deleted Scenes, including Alternate Ending
Curators of Comedy: Behind the Scenes with Ben Stiller
Phinding Pharaoh with Hank Azaria
Cherub Bootcamp
Audio Commentaries with Filmmakers
Show Me the Monkey featurette

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