Darren “Requiem for a Dream” Aronofsky has form. Not only that – with a brace of Oscar-winning films, writing/directing Black Swan Natalie Portman and The Ram Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler – he has longed for a project, it seems, to follow up what was the box office flop (though in some circles underrated) The Fountain (2007) – and here he presents Noah (shaven Crowe).

A steady, slow burning adaptation, with added moaning teenagers (Watson), weird pregnancies (Watson), old fellas in caves (Hopkins), berry hunting (everyone), and neatly sewn blazer suit combos, in a setting that becomes distracting from its intent.

If you love Jesus and Game of Thrones, you might leave disappointed – it’s not as basic/lazy/dumb as that, as that reconciling of evolution with God, flipped on its head, becoming instead a tale of one family and one man’s case of the DTs.

Perhaps it was the angle at which I was sitting but despite the bombast and blah blah that ‘first martyr’ side of the story provided, and despite a hypnotising Big Bang –> Human sequence, oddly, the film feels like it should have been longer, and was perhaps over-edited. Not at all like the Bible.

Still – there are those memorableu shots and that thumping rhythm – political extremism met with, surprisingly, subversion and handled into a rainbow ending. Is it the Awards fodder it had once appeared? Actually not, and technically superb. And for the record: What is Jesus?

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