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  • Film adaptations 2011: Our wish-list

    Some books – anything by Roald Dahl, DIY safety manuals, Katie And Peter: The Sweet Release Of Death – were never meant for the transition to the big screen. And we salute them for that – heck, Katie and Peter are far too camera-shy anyway, bless them. But some literary classics are just crying out for a blockbusting re-vamp, and like Gok Wan to a nation of slop-shouldered, emotionally fragile women, we are here to loudly point at what needs to go where.

  • Why we heart Ben Affleck

    BFF: defenders of the weak, trumpeters of the down-trodden, makers of wild, unsubstantiated claims and lovers of Ben Affleck. That’s right. It’s a heady mix.

  • The Loser

    A couple of months ago, Matthew Vaughn’s hyperviolent Kick-Ass somersaulted over the graves of Watchmen and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, proving that comic book-inspired action movies can be every bit as smart and sassy as the cult pictorials they are based on. Director Sylvain White continues the good work with The Losers, an explosive romp based on the potty-mouthed DC Comics series written by Andy Diggle and illustrated by Jock.