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  • Life in Stop Motion Animation

    Stop motion animation is by far one of the most painstaking pursuits a film maker can employ to tell a story. Yet the industry maintains many big fans, none more famous than Tim Burton, who’s currently directing a stop motion remake of his second short film; a half-hour live action about a boy and his dog titled Frankenweenie. Best for Film got to chat to Steven Warne, one of the budding animators of Burton’s project, about his love of animation.

  • The Scavenger Hunt of Santa

    Tim Burton has done it again with his latest Christmas movie that is sure to make audiences chortle in delight as they sympathize with Santa and his elves as they try to keep Christmas running despite the government’s efforts to stop it.

  • The Homecoming

    In a surprise move, M Night Shyamalan (who may have been listening to opinions that he has lost his way), has teamed up with notoriously surreal director Tim Burton… and created a monster.

  • One Sleep ‘Till Santa

    In his first Christmas film since the hallowed Nightmare Before Christmas, master of the kid’s film, Tim Burton has returned to form, bouncing back from the horrors of Alice In Wonderland to bring us the exceptional One Sleep ‘Till Santa.

  • Kayleigh Dray

    Kayleigh Dray

    Kayleigh Dray studied at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry and specialised in Muggle Literature and Creative Writing. Since then, she has written for Cosmopolitan and The Film Pilgrim, perfecting her signature sarcastic tone (and dating advice) just in time for her arrival at Best For Film. She grew up on film sets and, looking at her eclectic selection of DVDs, it seems her dream film might be Killer Dinosaurs From Space: The Musical, starring Audrey Hepburn (complete with lightsaber and Scream mask), written by Tim Burton and directed by Steven Spielberg. Now THAT’S entertainment!

  • Alice In Wonderland

    After hearing so much about the weird, wonderful and utterly bizarre world Tim Burton creates in Alice In Wonderland, we entered the cinema with no small amount of excitement. Alice has had the best opening week in US history, grossing $116 million and getting rave reviews for it’s gloriously inventive visuals. There’s no denying that visually, Alice is a treat. But despite the exuberant effects, the story is more than lacking.

  • European Cinemas threaten To Join Alice Boycott

    Last week we reported that UK cinemas are considering a boycott of Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland because of an argument over the length of cinema release in relation to the DVD release. Now it seems that Holland’s four largest exhibitors are reportedly threatening not to show Alice unless Disney backs down.

  • From now ’til March: Wonderland Wednesdays

    Disney releases new Alice in Wonderland info every Wednesday! From now until its March release, every Wednesday we’ll be getting new little tidbits of info about Tim Burton’s upcoming Alice in Wonderland. With a stellar cast (most of Brits – huzzah!) and Burton’s trademark madcap imagination, this is one blockbuster we’re actually really rather looking forward to.