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  • The Woman In Black

    A well-made, satisfying and properly scary ghost story, The Woman In Black shamelessly indulges all the gothic tropes we’ve been bored of for years and is all the more refreshing for it. Daniel Radcliffe doesn’t quite engage with the scenes where he’s doing anything except walking slowly down a candlelit hallway, but to be honest the edge of your seat will be grateful for the occasional moments of respite.

  • 10 reasons you’re wrong about Daniel Radcliffe

    There’s a balmy lethargy that comes over anyone who tries to talk about Daniel Radcliffe. Eyes become dusty, heads shake, the subject is swiftly changed and forgotten, as conversation invariably turns to Emma Watson’s blossoming torso. But why? Over the course of ten years mainly made up of having pictures taken with owls, the Boy Who Lived has somehow developed traits of He Who Must Not Be Named. But you know what? You’re wrong about Daniel Radcliffe. You’re wrong about him, and I’ve got words that prove it.

  • BFF’s Kill List

    It’s not that we’re bad people, it’s just that sometimes we wish some people would just… well, be dead, really. Sometimes we even want to do it ourselves. In honour of this week’s hottest horror Kill List, we at BFF compiled our own hit list of performers who have it coming.