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  • Top 10 sexy Disney animals

    Continuing Best For Film’s series of slightly mucky blogs in the run-up to Nymphomaniac‘s release tomorrow, our resident pervert Vincent has rolled up his sleeves and charged fist-first into the unexpectedly lavish castle of erotic inspiration (well, unexpected to everyone but Vincent) that is the Disney canon. Ever wanted to witness a grown man confess to fancying a fox? You’ve come to the right place.

  • Frozen

    If we were big dogs at Disney, we would have promoted Frozen until we bled ice shards – it’s that brilliant. Exquisitely constructed, a divine visual and unexpected in myriad ways, Disney has given us one hell of a Christmas present for 2013. 90 years after they brought us the silent Alice’s Wonderland, The Walt…

  • Top 10 reasons Hercules is the best Disney film

    My colours have been nailed to Disney’s mast for a long while. Sure, from the outside looking in they’re a massively corporate entity that’s prime focus at all times is on turning a profit. Sure, they’re founded by a fascist (who isn’t these days, am I right?!). Neither of these things negates the fact that they make brilliant films. But hey, come on guys, what’s the best Disney film? Aristocats maybe, who doesn’t love a singing jazz cat? Not this guy! Or wait, Beauty & The Beast is a classic, Stockholm syndrome ‘n that, plus you know the beast would be dynamite in bed – he’s literally a beast.