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  • Cheat Sheet: John Lasseter

    Over the years we have sat back with our families, with various sugary goods, and have indulged ourselves in some quality CGI filled entertainment courtesy of Pixar. But who do we rave about when they’re over? Well it certainly isn’t the man who made it all possible. Let us appreciate this unsung hero by looking over his years of achievement in the world of family entertainment. Ladies and gentlemen, this is John Lasseter’s Cheat Sheet.

  • How To Train Your Dragon

    Finally, a kids film that deserves its 3D pricetag. Since Avatar, we’ve seen a lot of gratuitous 3D labels being slapped on films that didn’t need it, purely to hike up the cost of the tickets. Even watching the hallowed Up – as beautiful as it was -we never really thought those pesky glasses added much. However, with How To Train Your Dragon, Dreamworks have created a truly stunning piece of 3D film; immersive, beautiful and gorgeously rich. The story may be a little run of the mill, but the overall experience make this film a must-see for kids and big kids everywhere.

  • The Princess And The Frog

    It may be strange to think it, but in an age where we’re so used to 3D creatures, pixilated flying houses and talking toys, a 2D film can be considered pushing the boundaries of today’s kids entertainment. Gone is the golden age of Disney classics- The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin – all-singing, all dancing, all bloomin’ marvelous. Today what kids want is action explosions, nifty special effects and some smooth-talking robots, right?

  • How to be a Pixar Hero: Ten Rules for Adventurers Everywhere

    Whether you’re a wee nipper like Monsters inc’s Boo, or more a Up star Mr Frederickson, there’s a Disney-Pixar film for you to fall in love with. The real question now is, how would you fare in your own Pixar tale? We’ve got the How-To guide for any budding hero or heroine. Grab your plucky sidekick, sniff out the nearest peril, and join us…