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  • I, Frankenstein

    Before the legend of vampires went all vegan and sparkly and werewolves held about as much menace as a puppy dog, they were kick-ass in Underworld. Written by the then unknown Len Wiseman, Danny McBride and Kevin Grevioux, the franchise, which spawned two sequels and a prequel, infused these popular supernatural beings with a scientific…

  • Top 10 actors who’d be a better Batman than Ben Affleck

    As you literally cannot have failed to notice, Ben ‘look what a nice beard I’ve got’ Affleck has just been cast as the new Batman in Warner Bros’ three thousandth reboot of everyone’s favourite neurotic detective gimp. We spectacularly failed to predict this. But could his CV offer some clues to other actors who’d be… well, Battier? We’ve delved into the depths of Ben’s IMDb to decide which of his costars would do a better job.

  • Olympus Has Fallen

    In the 80s a new flavour of action flick ran rampant through our cinemas. By the 90s the movement had lost its gusto: storylines were beyond belief, action bordered on the generic and the bad guys came out as cardboard copies. We’d been there, done that and no longer found the thrill in a good ass-kicking, the cheer in a villain’s gruesome death, the humour in snappy one-liners. Until now…

  • Drinking Game #80 – Presidents

    The man in the big white house has been portrayed in films more times than Sherlock Holmes, but why? Well we’re not going to answer that question, but what we do have for you is a nifty little drinking game to put you in a patriotic mood – if you’re American.