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  • Abattoir Blues #5 – Netflix horror, Val Kilmer style

    Of the many wonderful things about Netflix – like being able to watch five seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race without getting up, and never being in danger of accidentally watching a film you’ve heard of – my favourite is rummaging through the weird careers of major Hollywood stars. For example, just by clicking on his name, I can look at Val Kilmer’s catalogue, watch all the horror movies that pop up, and then sort-of review them with gently derisive affection. Right, let’s do that then.

  • Abattoir Blues #3 – Watching Ti West

    One of the most distinctive horror directors working today, Ti West made his mainstream breakthrough with 2011’s critical smash The Innkeepers and his work on the headline-grabbing anthology films V/H/S and The ABCs of Death. He’s got a frankly alarming number of projects due to hit the big screen within the next couple of years, so we’ve put together this guide to his key works. Y’know, so you don’t look like a square at parties.

  • Abattoir Blues #1 – Evil Dead’s lessons for Hollywood

    For about the last two years, BFF stalwart Duncan has been talking about writing a column – and, thanks to Evil Dead remaker Fede Alvarez, he’s finally pulled his finger out and done it. Abattoir Blues will be creeping out of BFF’s cellar twice a month to shine a torch into the murky corners of horror, and where better to start than with the wholly unnecessary redux of 1981’s most plant-rapey gorefest? Turn down the lights and read on…