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  • Georgina Lavers

    Georgina Lavers

    Georgina Lavers is a lowly intern, and she is not going to refer to herself in the third person to sound more important; no, she is not. I’m a graduate of Warwick University, qualified in Film and English. When not bemoaning my pitiful work experience, including a, frankly, mind-altering stint at Horse & Hound, I watch extreme French films and laud Zefron’s genuine acting ability to anyone that will listen.

  • Stephen Armson

    Stephen Armson

    Stephen Armson is a cosmopolitan swashbuckler from the mean streets of Bournemouth, who has an increasingly unmanageable fascination with the thought processes of Sick Boy from Trainspotting. He has a Scriptwriting ‘degree’ which hangs framed in his toilet in case of emergencies, and has decided to start writing about films instead because after all it is better to destroy than create. He has been known to occasionally come across as bitter and when visiting the cinema insists on sitting five – not four, not six – five rows from the front.

  • David Cornish

    David Cornish

    I once wrote a mildly interesting essay on the subject of Film entitled ‘The Soteriology of Sunshine’. It failed to propel me into the glamorous world of the critic; that opportunity has been granted by the wonderful people at Best for Film. I love a good bit of narrative, and will fall for any film that can tell a story with conviction. Failing that, I like anything with aliens, guns, Goths, the corruption of the Catholic Church, and a good bit of serious acting.

  • Becky Hart

    Becky Hart

    Living in deepest darkest Sussex means there is little to do other than watch films – hurrah! As well as a healthy interest in DVD collecting, I can mostly be found staying up all night watching cricket and wrestling two donkeys in a pathetic bid to make them behave. When not donkey wrestling, I enjoy baking ridiculously unhealthy brownies and profiteroles and cakes and… I should stop now.

  • Martyn Conterio

    Martyn Conterio

    It was westerns that made me fall in love with cinema. Clint Eastwood’s Man with No Name. Even though he had a name in every single one of Sergio Leone’s Dollars trilogy. Joe, Manco and Blondie, for your information. Seeing those films as a kid was a revelation. Clearly my parents were rather liberal with regards to I watched. I live in London now and write for magazines and websites about films.

  • Hannah McCarthy

    Hannah McCarthy

    Hannah graduated in September 2009 with a Masters in Film and Literature, which is lucky because all she really wants to do is watch films and write about them. At university she was Film and TV Editor, then Deputy Arts Editor of The Yorker, the university’s online publication. Don’t judge her for the fact that her favourite film is ‘The Sound of Music’, as she’s open to pretty much anything. Now a freelance film journalist, she maintains her own blog and is happy to receive any enquiries about her work.

  • Richard Waters

    Richard Waters

    Irish and with a silly obsession for horror films, I am a sarcastic bastard with a kind heart and like to make the occasional film. Just out of college and with rose-tinted naivety towards the world, I write for the sake of it, with opinions that can seem peculiar. I like to engage in the odd debate and simply enjoy talking about films, and with those who enjoy them!

  • Kirsten Sweeney

    Kirsten Sweeney

    My name is Kirsten and I like films, comics and general nerdery. I also have an inordinate knowledge of the life and works of Nicolas Cage, which comes in handy more often than you’d think. Currently living in exile in the Midlands whilst working towards an English degree.

  • H Anthony Hildebrand

    H Anthony Hildebrand

    H Anthony Hildebrand is a writing and comedy type guy. He has been described as “an American actor, film director, and narrator” and is noted for his reserved demeanor and authoritative speaking voice. Hildebrand has received Academy Award nominations for his performances in Street Smart, Driving Miss Daisy, The Shawshank Redemption and Invictus and won in 2005 for Million Dollar Baby. Read regular inanities by following @hahildebrand

  • Siobhan Burke

    Siobhan Burke

    A self-confessed Bridget Jones (with infinitely better kitchen skills) writing gives me what Father Time does not – the opportunity to go back and alter the product of random thought. Praise be to tippex. A current student of English, Film and Theatre, I enjoy fine wine, good food and other luxurious things unavailable to the debt-infused scholar. Perfectly content to watch any film that contains traces of Brad Pitt, a captivating musical score or the capacity to blow my mind.