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  • Imogen O’Sullivan

    Imogen O’Sullivan

    Imogen O’Sullivan spends the vast majority of her waking life drinking tea, wearing jumpers, and wondering, in true Avenue Q fashion, what she can do with a BA in English. Turns out she can do words. And opinions. And jokes. Sometimes. She also likes films. Quite a lot. Especially the sitting down somewhere warm and dark and eating sweet things part of them. Not one to shy away from controversy (TITANIC 3D WAS A TOUR DE FORCE, ALRIGHT?!), or elaborate punctuation, many have heralded her as the the fearless heroine of the next Marvel extravaganza: ‘Opinion Girl’. “Frequently ill-informed, permanently inconsequential, but occasionally amusing” – 4 stars, 2 thumbs-up and a pat on the back.

  • Will Donovan

    Will Donovan

    I saw five films last year and vaguely fear the cinema, so thus there is no reason for you to respect my opinion on them. Most of my thoughts are stolen from four years at university surrounded by film students. If you need me, I will be shouting Withnail & I lines sensibly in the street. I live in the first act of a Richard Curtis film based on a Nick Hornby novel, and I do not intend to learn any lessons soon.

  • Flossie Topping

    Flossie Topping

    I’m Flossie. I’ve spent most of my waking life in a cinema, which when you consider it means I’ve seen little daylight in years. Despite this, I’m a pretty well adjusted person with varied interests. My favourite directors are mostly British, (Ken Loach, Mike Leigh, Andrea Arnold) which means I love gritty working class dramas where everyone is miserable and dirty.

  • Carlotta Eden

    Carlotta Eden

    Carlotta found herself when David Bowie donned a blonde wig and sang with goblins and Elijah Wood had a love affair with a dolphin. Then her parents told her that Jurassic Park was a documentary. Admittedly traumatised to find out otherwise (honestly, like finding out Santa was… I won’t say it), she turned to horror films and found out how bad most of them are. Now she likes writing about how bad most of them are.

  • Ray Thompson

    Ray Thompson

    Ray Thompson had the good fortune to be born during the dying days of the premiership of Margaret Thatcher, and claims not to remember the evening of the first Oscar ceremony of his life (Rain Man won, work it out). Being a youth during the all the booms, he emerged into legal adulthood in time for the big bust and release of There Will Be Blood. He maintains that all of these things, and most of his life, have been mere coincidence. That’s as deep as this brief bio will go, alas!

  • JLSB Sirisena

    JLSB Sirisena

    …also commonly known as Megan, is a filmaholic. The addiction began innocently enough: a few episodes of Transformers here, a couple of Fraggle Rock specials there and then a descent into a Duckula marathon; soon it all spiraled out of control and now encompasses a myriad of violent action movies, terrible horror flicks, startling animations and plenty of sci-fi and fantasy. The compulsion drew her into an Undergraduate degree where she majored in Film, Television and Media Studies, which she is still looking to put to good use.

  • Nina Scott

    Nina Scott

    Nina is a happy-go-lucky Geordie who once accidentally ran like a chicken on Byker Grove. She goes through stages of obsessively wanting to watch every film ever made but then realises there just isn’t enough time. She desperately tried to find a use for her Film and Television Studies degree when she graduated three years ago, and is still looking. Nina also enjoys quoting 90s British sitcom Spaced at any opportunity or cost.

  • Sarah Deen

    Sarah Deen

    Sarah graduated from the University of Surrey in 2011 with a degree in Law, but then thought “stuff that” and opted for a career in film journalism. She spent 18 months contributing to the Film, Music, TV, Lifestyle and Showbiz channels on Metro Online until December 2012. When Sarah isn’t flogging popcorn at her local cinema or writing for Best For Film she dabbles in writing screenplays and obsessing over Christoph Waltz.

  • Marianne Levi

    Marianne Levi

    Philosophy graduate, the best recorder and tin whistle player you will ever meet apart from incredibly determined buskers, currently working in the worst job for the waistline but best job in every other sense in a city wine bar and cheese shop. Food and drink obsessive, brewer’s girlfriend/assistant and trained sommelier. Films are quite good too.

  • Emma Brooke

    Emma Brooke

    Hailing from ‘the North’, Emma grew up drinking too much tea and kissing boys in the back of cinemas. Realising these pastimes had limited future earning potential, she moved to London to seek her fortune by obtaining a degree in Philosophy. Five years later, she is still waiting for the position of ‘Resident Philosopher’ to pop up on Guardian Jobs. She now lives in Tokyo, where she writes for local English lifestyle magazines and, unable to speak Japanese, attempts to communicate through the art of mime.