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  • Ironclad

    Ironclad sees Paul Giamatti as the megalomaniac King John, whose taking of Rochester Castle will guarantee him nationwide power. Cue lots of shouty speeches, long swords and hot oil in this historical bloodbath.

  • Unknown

    Unknown centers around one man’s attempts to reclaim his identity. Though comparisons to Bourne Identity and Memento seem inevitable, this action thriller still manages to generate some heat.

  • Travellers

    Producer: “Ok, guys, I’ve had the greatest idea for our new film. So I was watching Fight Club, right, and then I saw Big Fat Gypsy Weddings with the missus, and then I saw Mega Shark versus Giant Octopus. And what did I come up with? Only City boys versus gypos in a countryside war. GET IN.”

  • Sanctum 3D

    Thriller Sanctum 3D, produced by James Cameron will ensure that cave diving is swiftly crossed off your bucket list, in its tales of subterranean horror.

  • The Hunter

    Director Rafi Pitts chose himself as lead in a very biased bit of casting for The Hunter. Too bad it didn’t pay off, as his taciturn presence makes the potentially tense cat and mouse narrative drag.

  • The Mechanic

    The Mechanic is a remake of the slovenly ‘72 film starring Charles Bronson as a conflicted assassin. Substitute the unflappable Bronson for a wooden Jason Statham, add a Louisiana setting and blues soundtrack, and you have a Statham vehicle whose only redeeming value is the wonderful Ben Foster.

  • Decision Before Dawn

    A unique take on a World War II film, Decision Before Dawn charts two Germans as they become double agents for the American army. With a realistic location, fine performances, and the natural tension that accompanies any spy plot, this war drama is well worth a viewing.