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  • The Rite

    Anthony Hopkins and some chap you’ve never heard of star in a film which is stuck halfway between psychological thriller and demon-haunted horror. Solid performances and a refreshing rejection of SFX go some way towards redeeming this confused, lumpen effort, but it’s still a long way from being welcomed into the divine presence.

  • Predators

    Predator fans have been treated cruelly by its sequels. Predator 2 lost the quotable dialogue and tight pacing in a faintly ridiculous futuristic LA. Then there was the Alien vs. Predator films, whose tagline– whoever wins, we lose – may as well have been a review. So when producer Robert Rodriguez said that Predators would be to Predator what Aliens was to Alien, fans dared to hope that Predators may be the sequel they had been waiting for. So is it as good as Aliens? Inevitably no, and the weight of Rodriguez’s promise weighs heavy on a film that doesn’t know whether to break new ground or simply retread the original.