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  • Celeste and Jesse Forever

    Lee Toland Krieger, well-versed in the doctrines of ‘indie’, offers us yet another spin on the rom-com genre. Written by co-stars Rashida Jones and Will McCormack, Celeste and Jesse Forever is, at certain points, an endearing and unique take on relationships and heartbreak, but at others resorts to the conventional mainstays of the genre. (Oh hello, embarrassing wedding speech, we haven’t seen you in a while, except from ALL THE BLOODY TIME.)

  • Hotel Transylvania

    In a month that’s already overcrowded with supernatural themed animations, Hotel Transylvania is the runt of the litter. Frantic, over-manic direction, a severe dearth of laughs and a predictable plot are bad enough, but when you factor in Adam Sandler trampling all over proceedings and doing another Stupid Fucking Voice, then you’ve really got problems.

  • That’s My Boy

    There are comedy films. Then there are Adam Sandler films. Then there is That’s My Boy. A film that makes Jack & Jill look like a work of understated, subtle genius, That’s My Boy is an offensively stupid assault on all things decent – even the notion of comedy itself. Arguably one of the worst comedies ever made.