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  • Artists: You don’t have to sell out to cash in.

    I’ll never know what made the mysterious Banksy make a pretty accesible opening sequence for The Simpsons but gosh dammit, I wish I could. With his anti-agendas, why hook up with “The Man”? Yes, artists are allowed to get involved in other stuff but all I can say is “Keep It Real”. It’s on. Banksy vs Dali.

  • Robot Chicken Star Wars

    A robot and a chicken go together like… two opposite things stuck painfully together with superglue. The chicken’s all like “cluck” and “I’m eating and stuff, no seriously I am, check me out” and the robot’s all like “I want to make ner-ner-ner robot sounds and take over the world but I can’t because half of me is a chicken”. And then we have Robot Chicken Star Wars. Which is something completely different. Are you ready? Robot… Chicken… Star… Wars. Superglue it to your brain.

  • Despicable Me

    Despicable Me is a kids film that may not have been made by Pixar but it could have been: The story of a supervillain struggling to control an army of minions and three orphaned girls will provide real heart and sardonic wit along with the zany animation slapstick.

  • The Princess And The Frog: DVD Review

    It may be strange to think it, but in an age where we’re so used to 3D creatures, pixilated flying houses and talking toys, a 2D film can be considered pushing the boundaries of today’s kids entertainment. Gone is the golden age of Disney classics- The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin – all-singing, all dancing, all bloomin’ marvelous. Today what kids want is explosions, nifty special effects and some smooth-talking robots, right?