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  • Apocalypse Now

    In February of 1976 Francis Ford Coppola and his American Zoetrope production team began filming Apocalypse Now. Approximately 3 years later and reportedly some $30 million over budget the film premiered at the Cannes festival to wide critical acclaim. Now, some 30 years down the line the Vietnam epic has been lovingly restored by Coppola’s own production company and is back on the big screen. It should go without saying that for a generation of cinephiles this presents an opportunity not to be missed.

  • Top 10 Movie Druggies

    Who are the most baked, caned, hopped-up or tripped-out characters in movie history? Here, in the sort of order which can only really be dreamt up through a haze of quaaludes, mescaline and Night Nurse, are our top ten.

  • Top 5 book to film adaptations ever

    We all love a good book. We all love a good film. But we all hate a bad adaptation. This year, major releases such as Brighton Rock and The Rum Diary (not to mention the final episode of the Harry Potter series), are due to attract big numbers in the box office. But with a plethora of books flying from the shelf to our cinema screens, what makes a good adaptation?

  • Robert Duvall To Play Gilliam’s Quixote?

    It’s a dream so crazy that even the infamous Man of La Mancha would be impressed. Cinema’s favourite dreamer Terry Gilliam is forging ahead with his abandoned project The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, which was abandoned in 2000 after a series of truly unfortunate events.