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  • Confessions

    Nakashima’s genre-busting revenge drama is an intense tale of the unremitting evil that lies within children’s hearts (and, possibly, the hearts of their teachers). It’s dark, intense, internationally lauded and would make probably make Gus Van Sant (a) feel jealous and (b) do a happy in his pants.

  • WIN: 3 x GHOSTS OF WAR on DVD!

    During the Vietnam War, a South Korean army base receives mysterious radio transmissions from a missing patrol and a search and rescue mission turns into something far more terrifying than any battle. We have 3 DVD copies of this genre-splicing ‘Nam horror to give away! Competition ends 27 February 2011

  • Dream Home

    Social satire clashes with extreme violence in this vicious slasher film from Hong Kong. A strong sense of black humour runs throughout, but the fact that 3 people out of an audience of 10 left before halfway through the screening tells you all you need to know about the killings on offer in this asian horror.