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  • The B-Movie Oscars

    Every year, I watch ceremonies throughout the awards season with a degree of scepticism. I mean, it’s not that I don’t enjoy Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters and heartstring tugging epics…it’s just that I don’t care. Daniel Day Lewis is a brilliant actor, yes, but I genuinely feel that a child could film him, with a grainy black and white camcorder, sitting on a chair, eating cake slice after slice after slice, call it “There Will Be Diabetes” and he would still win Best Actor, just because the Academy hold him on such a high pedestal.

  • Cannibal Girls

    Before the glorious Ghostbusters, producer Ivan Reitman made the classic horror comedy Cannibal Girls. An intentional mishmash of 1973 cheese-sleaze and nifty schlock-horror, Cannibal Girls boasted the tagline “they love every man they meet and the meat on every man”…