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  • Back in Vue #6 – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

    It’s the very last week of Back in Vue, Vue’s retrospective season – and the film that you apparently voted for as a fitting swansong is showing for the last time tonight. Blazing a trail for lesser mortals to follow, Duncan has already headed all the way back to 1986 to revisit a world of gleaming Ferraris, multicoloured leather jackets and pancreas to find out exactly what happened on Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

  • Back in Vue #5 – A Clockwork Orange

    Back in Vue, this season’s fantastic series of cult films reappearing in Vue cinemas, continues with A Clockwork Orange, one of Stanley Kubrick’s most controversial and beautiful films – and one which had an early effect on our very own Nicola Marchant. Freshen up your mascara and read on…

  • Back in Vue #4 – Trainspotting

    It’s our fourth Back in Vue feature, and this time you can do more than just read about it – Vue’s cult cinema season continues tonight (29th May, time-travellers), with Danny Boyle’s Trainspotting showing nationwide. This week it’s John’s turn to make the case for his absolute favourite film about heroin, toilets and getting toxoplasmosis from cat mess.

  • Back in Vue #3 – Bonnie & Clyde

    After a couple of weeks off (you can’t get the writers these days), we’re back at Vue for the ongoing Back in Vue cult film series. Carlotta has ventured all the way back to the sixties for her very first taste of Arthur Penn’s iconic Bonnie and Clyde – and she loved it.

  • Back in Vue #2 – The Evil Dead (1981)

    Continuing their wonderful commitment to bringing some of the finest cinematic experiences from yesteryear back to theatres, the folks at Vue threw a whole bucket of nonspecific gore at the silver screen and what stuck was the original Evil Dead. It may be 32 years old, but this low-budget horror classic can still hold its own, even against the remake currently in cinemas. As part of the Back In Vue season, we went along to see Bruce Campbell fighting the forces of evil in The Evil Dead

  • Back in Vue #1 – Little Shop of Horrors (Director’s Cut)

    Proving conclusively that they have our best interests at heart and are not just obsessed with forcing ridiculously large drinks and bloated Michael Bay films into our slack faces, the beautiful people at Vue have launched a new scheme which will put cult classic films back where they belong – on the big screen. The first film of the Back in Vue season is the Director’s Cut of fly-trap favourite Little Shop of Horrors – we sent Harry along to find out more…