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  • The Guilt Trip

    If you’re an avid visitor to BFF, you would have no doubt taken a gander at this Monday’s Face/Off which featured the illustrious Barbra Streisand. After a 16 year stint away from the Hollywood scene (disturbed only shortly by a supporting role in Ben Stiller’s Meet the Fockers and Little Fockers) Babs is back on the big screen accompanied by the comedic talents of Seth Rogen. Let’s see how she did…

  • Monday Face/Off – Barbra Streisand

    She holds the titles of singer, songwriter, actress, writer, film producer and director, and her appearance at last month’s Oscars demonstrated that the world still hasn’t fallen out of love with Barbra Streisand. With a career spanning almost 50 years, she’s now back on the big screen along side Seth Rogen in The Guilt Trip and in a commemoration that only BFF can pull off, we give you this Monday’s face/off.

  • Top 10 musicians who should really ditch the acting thing

    Parker is out soon, and if you’ve seen the trailer/moody-ish poster you’ll know that singer Jennifer Lopez is in it, starring alongside rent-a-hardman Jason Statham. This isn’t the first film J-Lo has been in. To be honest, we’re not sure why that keeps happening. And to make things even more dire, Lopez has threatened revealed she would like to take on more acting roles due to her ‘great experience’ working with Statham on set. But Jen’s not the only one who should just slip away quietly back into the recording studio AND STAY THERE.

  • Our Top 10 Cross-Dressing Movies: A Gaga Tribute

    Ah, Lady Gaga. God, I love her. It doesn’t matter where I go or whom I write for, she somehow manages to do something mad and become the ultimate hot topic for EVERYBODY. After showcasing her male alter ego, Joe Calderone, at the VMAs, it got us thinking about the topic of gender and we came to the conclusion that people’s response should be something along the lines of “gender, shmender!”. Possibly in a more eloquent fashion. To celebrate this, we’ve decided to look at our 10 favourite cross-dressing movies (basically proving that I’ll take any excuse to ogle Tim Curry in fishnets…)