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  • Cheat Sheet: Gerard Butler

    Hot on the heels of the really rather good Coriolanus, Gerard Butler is once again disappointing his public with the startlingly dull Machine Gun Preacher. But is there really a talented actor behind the gun-toting beardy meathead? We think so, and if you gather round closer we’ll tell you why…

  • Gulliver’s Travels

    When will Jack Black stop playing lovable slackers who inexplicably bust out at least one musical number per film? Gulliver’s Travels is pretty much exactly what you’re expecting it to be – adequate, and absolutely nothing more. Excellent visual effects and some well-crafted supporting performances save it from total failure, but all this film really manages is to remind you that in Hollywood, as in Lilliput, bigger isn’t always better.

  • Billy Connolly Live 2010

    Forty years after becoming a stand-up, Billy Connolly remains box office gold and the world’s best-known Glaswegian. However, his first live DVD for three years exposes a distressing departure from his usual form. We’re loath to admit it, but it’s high time Billy hung up his banjo…