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  • Race 2

    The sequel to the 2008 hit Race, Race 2 encompasses enough action, gorgeous humans (hiiiii John Abraham) and complicated plots to work as a stand-alone action thriller. There’s no denying that Bollywood films ever EVER lack vivid colours, great cinematography and music that’ll make your head burst (with what, I’m unsure). But it’s thin dialogue, awfully superficial characters and chimerical plot let the film down abysmally. Race 2 really attempts to be a great success, and manages it sometimes, but its triple-twists and quadruple-bluffs turn into one (addictively) outrageous farce.

  • Khiladi 786

    Actually only the eighth instalment in the phenomenally popular Khiladi series, Khiladi 786 is a colourful farce happy to dress up its batshit story of arranged marriage in a barrage of action sequences and endearingly mugging comedy. The first Khiladi in twelve years, the interim decade has provided director Ashish R Mohan with an array of techniques borrowed from the world of hip-hop videos and action blockbusters. Relocated to the relatively inoffensive and well-meaning world of Bollywood, the slo-mo action comes off as alternately mocking and sincere in a film that above all else does not take itself too seriously.

  • Barfi!

    Directed by Anurag Basu, Barfi! tells the story of a Nepalese origin deaf mute named Murphy who – unable to pronounce his name – is affectionately referred to as “Barfi.” He falls hopelessly in love with upper class Shruti but not before forging a special bond with autistic teenager Jhilmil. What follows is an unpredictable turn of events that speaks to the prevailing and indiscriminate nature of love.

  • Cocktail

    A Bollywood romp around the West End, Cocktail is far more style than substance – glossy London cityscapes, an incredible soundtrack and staggeringly attractive characters abound while the Indian family dynamic, as always, lends a heartwarming core to a tale as old as time. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, it’s impossible to ignore that Cocktail is actually completely mental.

  • Bodyguard

    There’s absolutely no way on Earth that someone can walk into a packed-out Bollywood movie and NOT enjoy what they’re seeing. There really, really isn’t. It doesn’t matter how wooden the acting, how impossible the storyline or how irritating the music, these movies just have a certain quality that completely pull you in…

  • Delhi Belly

    This chaotic comedy centred around three bone idle, strapped for cash roomates sees the mass merging of Hollywood and Bollywood conventions to make an film that can appeal to a universal audience. Shocked? Yes. Pleasantly shocked? Yes.

  • Double Dhamaal

    The second instalment of this madcap Bollywood trilogy is a truly bizarre film that includes some scenes that really need to be seen to be believed. It’s certainly entertaining, but perhaps not for the right reasons, and if you’re new to Bollywood please don’t judge it on the basis of this alone!

  • Life Goes On

    This Indian drama deals with love and loss without the help of a Bollywood soundtrack. Whilst the tensions between British and Indian culture are interesting, some poor performances and overly sentimental flashbacks result in a grief that seems staged.

  • Yamla Pagla Deewana

    This Bollywood movie ticks all the boxes. There’s jewels. There’s dancing. There’s more glitter than you can shake a stick at. Ignore the terrible subtitles and a plot that’s holier than Gouda, and enjoy the intertextual extravaganza which manages to reference Kill Bill, The Matrix and the Three Stooges.