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  • Top 5 princes in film

    HRH the Prince of Wales officially picks up his senior citizen’s bus pass today, and his landmark birthday got us thinking – not about architecture or the environment or how long his mum’s going to live, or whatever else he actually thinks about, but about princes. You can’t go wrong with a prince – all the cachet of being a royal and none of the pressure. Who’s your favourite?

  • Stoker

    Acclaimed Korean director Park Chan-wook presents his American debut; a fairytale with a gothic twist. The story of a teenage girl’s sexual awakening could not be more beautifully shot or stylishly presented. Part horror, part psychological thriller and part coming-of-age drama, Stoker is full of surprises.

  • Film baddies we’re all secretly rooting for

    Everyone loves a villain – more fun to play, watch and steal quotes from than any floppy-haired namby-pamby good guy, and usually prettier to boot. It’s such a shame they always seem to end up getting shot/stabbed/thrown off buildings/drowned/burnt by hot doorknobs (damn you, Kevin McCallister), so we thought we’d round up some of our favourites for a Who’s Who of all the bad guys that really should have won.