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  • This week’s releases: the trailers

    Your brain is gearing up for another week of think-filth, so who can blame you for spending your final hours of freedom gawping cheerily into nothingness? There are BRAND NEW films out this week, and all of them have splendid, noisy trailers. Stop trying to read anything, leave the washing-up where it is and promise yourself you’ll definitely change your sheets in an hour or so – WATCHING TRAILERS IS NOW!

  • Breathing

    A calm, quiet and much-needed antidote to the braying Life-Affirming tales shoved our way by the good old Yoo Es of Ay, Breathing tracks a young man’s tentative journey back to reality after it seems he’s given up on the idea. Careful cinematography, a stripped down script and a stonking soundtrack make this unassuming little film well worth a watch – and besides, we’ve always said more heart-filling tales should be set mainly in a morgue.